Monday, November 05, 2007

Blisters and slivers and scrapes - oh my!

With a yard that has about 70 gazillion trees, you'd think I would have realized how much work fall would be. Fall, good word, that. I knew the leaves would come down, and I was prepared to deal with them. But nobody warned me about all the needles from the evergreens. Ack! I don't think the previous tenants bothered with raking, the needle beds under the branches were pretty thick. So, I've raked. There are piles of needles and/or leaves all over the yard. Thus the injuries to my hands and my arms, not to mention the mysterious pains in muscle groups that I obviously don't use very often. Last night we bought some "lawn and garden" trash bags, supposedly they're stronger. Yeah, sure. Anyway, I filled 15 of them today. I don't think I've made a very big dent either. That jumbo sized purchase of 48 bags might not be enough.

All whining aside, it does feel good to accomplish something for my family. Even if none of them really notice ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've seen your yard, that is a lot of work. If the rest of the family doesn't notice, maybe you could replace their mattresses with the bags full of needles? ;)

Anonymous said...

ugh... but you're right, there is a nice feeling of accomplishment with a job like this. So often times our "jobs" never get done (laundery for example.) It's nice in a way to have a task DONE! Good luck and buy really tough leather work gloves... worth it, trust me! ~Jen

Heather said...

Oooooh the worst part of fall... We have a massive tree next door that SWAYS over our yard... and its TERRIBLE for the leaves.. all our trees are bare... but that tree still has tons... UGGGHH!