Friday, November 16, 2007

How was my week?

Thanks for asking ;) It's been a busy one. Front and center on my list - James's play. This thing has consumed our lives, I tell ya. Opening night was last night and all the headaches and hassles were worth it - it was excellent! Accents were good, mannerisms just so and the comedic talents of the two fellows playing the butlers - perfect. Yes, there were glitches as there so often are on opening nights...mics that cut in and out, a few flubbed lines (but I figure we don't all speak perfectly in real life anyway) and even some missed dialogue. They kept going, covered up the little imperfections and it was a rousing success. I'm so proud of James :D I didn't take my camera with me last night as I wanted to be able to help wherever needed. I folded so many programs that I'm surprised I escaped without paper cuts. I'll have Matt take his tonight or I will take mine tomorrow night when I go see it again :)

Wednesday night Matt & I went to see Garth Brooks. We like to pay our rent and other bills so we didn't go see him in Kansas City at $300+ per seat, we went to a simulcast at a local theater. It was still incredible and so much more affordable at $10. Everyone sang along, including me ;) and we all had a great time seeing Garth Broooooooooooooooks (said like "Bruce" at a Springsteen concert, don't ya know?). What an awesome performer he is, and he looks good with white hair too.

Other than that, it's just been the usual along with getting ready for company coming next week and Thanksgiving and gearing up to go Christmas shopping and all that. How was your week??


LoisLane said...

Glad you had fun. And kudos to James. I remember doing plays in school and yeah, nothing ever goes $100 percent right. Also, we learned not to glue a break-away vase back together with epoxy (one broke during shipping and we needed two). The poor guy who got hit with it had a lump for a week!!
Week was busy here and still is, unfortunately, when it comes to work. I hate holidays in that regard.

Heather said...

Where are those pics! GIRL! ;)