Monday, November 19, 2007

Tree wars

The family tree-cutting day has come and gone. I didn't go, I sent Matt and the girls without us. James needed some time to recover from performance excitement and I was expecting the furnace guy to come and do a check up on the clunker for me. He didn't show, btw, he was sick :P Anyhow, I wasn't there to help choose a tree. So that's why we have a 14 foot tree outside right now. Okay, it might only be 12 feet, but it's still taller than the shed it's leaning against. Ugh. I don't like really tall trees, did I tell you that? I know I told Matt that. I even told him that on the cell phone while he was looking at trees. I'm a bit embarrassed at my juvenile attitude when he came home, I didn't say a word about the tree to him. I was actually trying to figure out how to get through a month or so with a tree in my house that was almost twice as tall as I would like. Well, Matt, bless his heart, said to me the next morning, "We can cut off as much of the tree as you like, you know. I know it's taller than you wanted and it's okay with me." Wow. I figured we were going to go have a disagreement like the great angel/star debate of years past. So we're going to compromise and have a medium height tree instead, put it in the medium height part of the room and hopefully we'll all be happy with our silver tip. For those wondering, we have an angel, I gave in :P


Heather said...

I like big trees :) But medium is good too ;)

Hillary said...

Haha! We always had fights about our tree, too (my siblings and I, that is). Ours was about whose turn it was to put the angel on top (see? Angels are CLEARLY the best tree toppers! ;) heehee!). But one day we came up with a plan. Mom inists on using this plan to this day (click my name to see it!)