Sunday, December 16, 2007

So, how's it going?

I've been feeling way behind on all the stuff that has to be done before the BIG day, and in order to avoid doing some of it, I'm here checking in with you all. Let's see, the tree is up and fully decorated. There's even one present under it - something Christa made in kindergarten, my favourite kind of present. I have sent out all my cards (I think) and have a few up on my wall from friends and family - I think cards are the best part in many ways of my Christmas. I sent out over 100 this year, my family jokes that I send to everyone I've ever met. I'll just tell you now that if you don't get a card from me and you want one, just let me know, you'll be on my "list" forever, or until you get a restraining order ;) Presents are almost all bought, those that aren't are planned for. I haven't wrapped a thing though. Matt put up lights outside, most of them even work *LOL* The neighbour across the street brought us a bunch of cookies and fudge, that should hold us over for a few days...I hate to do any baking too early as my gang just eats it all and there's nothing left for actual Christmas. I have to go shopping for Christmas breakfast but that's a not yet thing as well. We will have our usual homemade (by Matt, of course) waffles with berries & whipped cream or syrup, depending on the age of the person eating. Kids just don't like berries, too many seeds they say. That's my kids, not normal kids! Oh, and turkey bacon, have to have that too. None of us really like regular bacon anymore. I'm sure there are other things I have to do in the next N I N E days, but I can't think of them right now. I'm still going with that conspiracy theory.

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