Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to normal...sort of

Today the kids went back to school after their two weeks off for Christmas break (not gonna be "PC" and call it winter break :P), but it wasn't a normal day. Because of the snow and the ice that followed it, schools were on a delayed start of two hours. That also means that morning K was cancelled, so I had Christa with me all day. That's fun, really, but it makes it hard to get her enthused about going back tomorrow when she would rather be home with me anyway ;) But, we made it through, nobody was too tired this morning thanks to the late start. And tomorrow middle schools and high schools are on a 3 hour delay, for teacher training stuff. Thrills my teens!

So, it's January. There's James's birthday this month, his trip to LA to see Hairspray on stage, Becca's bingo night, Matt's on worship team one weekend and I need to figure out how to motivate Maya to stay up on her homework for a change. Funny, she gets exceeding expectations marks in four out of five classes and can't seem to get passing marks in English :P A post for another day I guess. The positive aspect of January is that it's already the 7th so we're almost a quarter of the way through it. Spring will be coming some day, I know it :D


Anonymous said...

I sure hope spring comes soon! We were only on snow routes for buses, so I had to run into town a total of 3 times. DH didn't go to work though because of the ice, so not a normal day here ;)

H.N. Eisley said...

Maya sounds like me... I failed English... yet I am writing? LoL