Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now that was fast

Summer is over. At least for my youngest two, it is. I think we just need to wrap our minds around the new reality that they go to school year round. Okay, it's still summer but they go to school in the summer. Hmmm. This is going to take some wrapping!

First day was Monday and both girls did great. Christa loves loves loves having lunch at school, thank the Lord. I was worried that she would up and leave at lunchtime and start walking home ;) Oh, that reminds me that Matt did that when he was in K, didn't want to do handprints with paint so he left. He loves to tell that story.

So here's my two cuties. Guess what grades they're in!


Hillary said...

GAK! What??? First say of school??? I have six days of summer school left till I'm FINALLY on freaking HOLIDAY. Reading about starting school ALREADY makes my SOUL hurt!

Ummm, but... I'm glad it went well for them! :) Gosh they're little cuties!

blueeyedchic said...

LOL... they look a lot like you! Glad they are having a good time at their schools.

Heather said...

Already?!?!? Crazy!!!!!!