Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A rose by any other name

I was thinking about names the other day and how much they've changed. My mom is one of 14 kids and when they set the table for dinner they set it by saying the names of each kid and laying a place as they did it. So if the table setter forgot your name, you didn't get dinner ;) So it was *deep breath* Karen, Susan, Allan, Betty, Janet...uh oh, that's where I get lost. I don't know the proper order of the rest until the end - Hellen, Helga, Marie. In between there are Margaret, Velma, Rob, Jerry, Brenda and Norma, in some order. Now, when was the last time that you met a baby named Velma? Helga or Norma? But those were normal names then. Now it's Torin and Galleria. And the spellings are enough to drive teachers crazy. Christa had two kids with the same name last year but it was "Kobe with a K" and "Coby with a C" all year. Those boys are not in her class this year, she has "Kassidy with a K" and "Cassady with a C" or something like that.

Disclaimer: I have an unusual name myself, yes. But if you realize that my given name is Cheryl, the spelling of Cherie isn't all that strange ;)


Lara said...

I like the unusual names, though. But not the ones that just sound weird. Weird is in the ear of the be-hear-er, though. lol.

I have a little sister-in-law named Nora, which sounded so old-fashioned when she was born, but is just lovely.

Queen Bee said...

I don't mind unusual either ;) Maya is not exactly run of the mill. I just think it's funny the way trends go!